Wednesday, January 27, 2010

REVIEW: Broadway Sleep - Broadway Sleep

Broadway Sleep has released one of the most original, captivating and thought-provoking albums ever to hit the independent market with their release of their self-titled debut album. Covering multiple genres, styles and flavors, this album is full of energy, diversity and, above all, loads of talent and professionalism.

Starting off with Too Late, a laid back alternative rock song with a hip-hop beat and vocals similar to that of The Police this track feels like The Shins meets Radiohead. Sound The Alarm has more of the feel of bands like Garbage with ambient vocals and grungy, ethereal instrumentation. Eternal Garden is a synth and piano driven instrumental that leads flawlessly into the next track. Something to Touch keeps up the synth vibe of Eternal Garden but throws some hip-hop lyrics on top for a completely unexpected change of pace on this album. At this point the listener has no question that Broadway Sleep are the masters of diversity in their music. Sentimental Value has an early 90s pop rock feel similar to that of Savage Garden and the Wallflowers but with a little darker and spacier mood.

Five Four Woman brings to mind the Radiohead album, In Rainbows. The beats in this song break barriers of syncopation and add tons of energy to this ambient track. Watching the Raincloud is another instrumental that’s spacy and trance-inducing. Right Steppin’ All the Way is a dance song that keeps the psychedelic vibe of the rest of the album but brings to the table a very mysterious and high energy tune. Magical Voice has a much darker and more industrial feel at first and then jets into an almost ballad style chorus. This song draws forth tons of emotion in the listener. Ashes is yet another instrumental track with a tribal feel. Shy and Out of Season seems to bring all of the diversity on this album together - ethereal vocals and instrumentation, hip-hop beats and vocals. This track is probably the very best example of what well rounded musicians Broadway Sleep is composed of.

Overall this album just flat out rocks! Definitely one of the future icons in their scene, Broadway Sleep is nothing less than amazing! You just can’t help but appreciate music like this.

5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Broadway Sleep is a mixture of talented artists that come together and make it happen. From slow rythmic beats to soothing techno licks, it is an absolute pleasure to hear. It is a pure aural orgasm from start to finish. Blending a mix of many disciplines, it all comes together in a different way. If you want the same, cookie-cutter, drawn on, musical drivel, than look elsewhere. This is the real deal.