Wednesday, January 27, 2010

REVIEW: Corrin Campbell & the Election - Game Night

Maryland-based trio Corrin Campbell & the Election has been described as Heart for the 21st century and after hearing their latest release, Game Night, its quite easy to see why. Corrin’s honesty and genuine songwriting paired with the band’s hard-hitting musicianship and a voice to rival either of the Wilson sisters is sure to deliver a treat to first time listeners.

Find Your Way opens up the album with plenty of energy with a dark melody and a driving rhythm section. Time to Let Go shows the softer side of Corrin Campbell but builds into an epic ballad. Always Be is a pop song that brings to mind the likes of Avril Lavigne. Corrin does a great job in this song of showing attitude and emotion through her vocals. Done With You starts off with a funky bass line and some jazzy vocals and then morphs once again into a mammoth chorus. It’s evident by this point that this band has no short supply of energy! Remember Me has a sort of bossa nova feel. The imagery in the lyrics of this song stand out above the rest. Colors of You sounds kind of like a generic combination of the previous tracks. Not a favorite, yet the lyrics still maintain the honesty and thoughtfulness they have throughout the album.
Bounce opens up with a great piano intro and has a great folky feel. The music in this song even sounds ‘bouncy’. The band does a cover of Apologize from One Republic and adds a unique and personal flare to the song making it their own. Sunbeam is a driving rock song in which Corrin’s vocals scream with emotion. The band captures a mood that fits the music perfectly and makes awesome use of dynamics in this track. Blink of an Eye is probably the most punk track on the album stepping slightly outside the pop blueprint laid out previously. Keep Movin’ is another bouncy song. This track is pretty catchy and it’s good to hear the songs toward the end of the album getting better instead of being cluttered with filler. Cast It Off has a very classic rock feel mixed with a little folk thrown in. Closing out the album is A New Page, where Corrin performs with the piano. This track is wonderful - so full of emotion, this is one of those songs that can’t help but affect the listener.

The album as a whole is worth a listen. Although many of the songs sound similar the lyrics are really great throughout the whole album. So, for some good alt rock poetry, give a listen to Corrin Campbell & the Election and their new album Game Night.

4 out of 5 stars

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