Sunday, January 3, 2010

REVIEW: Paul Grenier - Human

Canadian Paul Grenier is a songwriter and performer who brings to the stage a message of hope and honesty with his album Human. Human is a pop/synth album where Paul spills his guts with heartfelt lyrics and soft, rolling melodies.

I Belong, the first track is a love song and a great opener to the album. This song gives the listener an overall taste of Paul’s style and is very encompassing of other traits that he has to offer on this album.

Will You Be There has a little more of a motown feel, its a great song, I just would have like to hear a little more energy in the vocals here.

Rollercoaster has a similar feel to the two previous songs. With a name like Rollercoaster, I think this track could use a little more work on dynamics.

Human, the title track of the album, is probably the best song on the CD. With a vibe akin of Jason Mraz’s Human, this song has an awesome message. The catchy chorus sticks in your head.

Frightened is a piano ballad full of emotion. Although slow and drawn out, it sets you up well for the next track, Ghost of You which dynamically takes the energy just one step up.

Is There Something I Can Say, Fall For Me and Losing You all come straight in a row and I’ll admit I had a little trouble staying awake. Let Go, the last track on Human, Paul hits the nail on the head. I think this song should have come sooner as its got more energy than any other track.

This album definitely has a uniform feel to it, yet not that of a concept album. Grenier’s voice is great even though there are a couple of hiccups here and there. Human as a whole has a lot to offer and its easy to see Paul Grenier’s great potential as a musician, singer and songwriter. I think that his songwriting talents should definitely be noted as he has a great and unique perspective on life and the grace of a poet with his words.

3 out of 5 stars

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