Monday, November 9, 2009

REVIEW: Paolo Nutini - These Streets

Scotchman Paolo Nutini is at it again - this time with a bit more energy. The long-awaited release of "These Streets" is titled appropriately as it gives Nutini's style a new direction. While most fans probably expected a more mellow approach to this album, the upbeat tempos keep you going strong.

Starting off with "Jenny Don't Be Hasty" you have to realize this album is a winner! It's upbeat, cheery and gives you a feeling of listening to classics like Tom Petty or newer Black Crowes.

Throughout the album, the listener is taken on a journey of love, loss, hardship and curiosities. With hopeful track such as "New Shoes" and "Loving You" you get a feel for Paolo's sensitive yet funky side.

Finishing out the album, "Alloway Groove" sets the stage for a pop-style groove with a cheerful feeling however you wouldn't know it by reading the lyrics which are full of depressing and hopeful tones.

Most tracks on the album don't stand out at first, however if you give it a second listen, you are sure to have a couple of favorites. I definitely recommend "These Streets" to old and future Nutini fans alike.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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