Saturday, November 21, 2009

REVIEW: The Aviation Orange - Self-Titled

Brooklyn’s Indie/Synth Rock band, The Aviation Orange brings to the stage a brilliantly executed work of art with their self-titled debut. Seemingly influenced by bands such as The Police, The Shins and Franz Ferdinand, these musical super heroes have created nothing less than a masterpiece.

Opening up with CCSS, the male/female vocal harmonies gracefully drift into the listener’s mind in an epic sea of guitars and synthesizers with a break down that puts one in an almost dream-like trance.

A memorable track, Chemical Reaction is full of powerful bass lines and more wonderfully melodic vocals. This song combines the attitude of The Cure with the complexity of Incubus.

Seattle Slide, the last track on the album, has flavors of The Doors or Radiohead, and no doubt gives a strong finish with a pleasant psychedelic send-off.

Much of the album is very complex in instrumentation and lyrics. By layering parts to create a full sound that captures your attention, The Aviation Orange has proven themselves as true masters of their craft.

The Aviation Orange has got it from start to finish and every song on this album will leave you hanging on for the next. This is the kind of album you can just let play over and over again.

5 out of 5 stars

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