Thursday, November 19, 2009

REVIEW: Sinem Saniye - When I Don't Sleep

For all you fans of pop music out there, the genre is being redefined. Pop artist Sinem Saniye combines pop music with Bossa Nova, Jazz, Latin and Turkish influences with her debut album When I Don't Sleep.. Sinem has won numerous awards including 2008 Billboard World Song Contest and 2006 John Lennon Songwriting competition. She has showcased and performed at numerous venues in front of thousands of eager ears.

Sinem Saniye has had radio play in many countries over the globe and its easy to understand why. With a multicultural take on pop music, she portrays truckloads of creativity and originality. Comparatively, you might say Sinem is a German/Turkish Shakira with songs you can either dance to or lose yourself in their thoughtfulness and meaning.

Most tracks on her debut album When I Don't Sleep.. seem to be geared a little more toward American pop which is excellent for radio play and listener appeal, but tracks such as Boom Sheke Nana and Baba Bossa show her cultural influence and understanding of music around the world.

Unlike Shakira, however, Sinem Saniye is able to perform all of these styles without alienating any of her audience. When I Don't Sleep.. crosses the lines of music classification and just makes you want to move with the beat and get lost in the outstanding vocals that Sinem brings to the world of music.

4 out of 5 stars

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