Wednesday, November 25, 2009

REVIEW: Poland - Please Interstellar Policeman

Seattle band Poland’s music is like taking a magical journey back in time. With jaunting instrumentation and melodies and psychedelic tangents, Poland’s new album Please Interstellar Policeman is sure to earn its place as a classic album while Poland becomes a household name.

With numerous influences including The Beatles, Queen and The Kinks, Poland has created a unique art form with their genre-defying music. The layering on this album of guitars, violins, saxophone and percussion captures the listener’s conscious mind and takes you further down the rabbit hole.

Mundo Finé, is energetic and captivating. With a 60s-ish feel, this track entices the listener and will solidify that you are about top listen to a great CD. The next track Your Sunday Book has an almost bossa nova sort of feel with a hypnotizing tune with hints of The Shins. Terrapin Lane has a cheery vibe detailing a fantastical place akin to the type you’d find in a classic English rock song. Each song has a unique flavor and is blooming with creativity and musical flare.

More than just a great album, Please Interstellar Policeman is a portal into the psyche, entertaining, captivating and overall, a creation of genius.

5 out of 5 stars

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