Thursday, November 19, 2009

REVIEW: Bud Buckley - It's About Time

Bud Buckley, of Florida, with his acoustic guitar and songwriting finesse, has been renowned by numerous publications and has performed numerous live shows including some of the larger festivals on the scene. While acoustic artists have somewhat smothered the music scene, Buckley sticks out from the sea of folk and classic rock with jamming grooves and multi-genre masterpieces.

Influenced by legends like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer, Bud Buckley creates his own style with It's About Time, mixing in some great leads and poetic lyrics that genuinely leave you bobbing your head with every track.

Let Me Go, a track that gives rise to images of an early Eric Clapton, captures the feeling of pushing away the world to go somewhere deep inside where time is non-existent.

Elevator takes a different approach than most tracks on this album. With kind of a funky almost 80s style, this track describes the similarities between time and an elevator with a mind of its own. Elevator has the feel of the Police mixed with a little Peter Gabriel.

There's no way this album will be lost in the mix as Bud Buckley has proven himself as timeless musician whose songs, although maybe not fit for mainstream radio at the moment, may very well take music back to its roots of genuine songs and lyrics that people can relate to. Its only appropriate that It's About Time has the theme of timelessness as the listener can easily be lost in the music and enter into a place where time is meaningless.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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