Wednesday, December 9, 2009

REVIEW: Bernee - Late Night Show

Australian band, Bernee has an original style that defies genre and is more entertaining than anything you’d find on mainstream radio. With the musical finesse of Ben Folds and all the attitude of Weezer, these piano-busting wranglers of the entertainment industry have released a catchy and unconventional tour de force with their new album Late Night Show.

The introductory track, Where Do You Want to Go Today? starts out with a memorable piano riff. This song is a personal favorite on the album. The hook will stick in your head all day as the song is perfectly composed and performed with style and enthusiasm.

Spinning Wheel, the second track on Late Night Show, is yet another captivating tune. With a style comparable to that of Spoon, the happy-go-lucky feeling of the track makes it clearly evident that Bernee makes great music.

Miss Busybody gives a glimpse at Bernee’s softer, more mellow side. This track demonstrates a huge dynamic from the first two tracks.

On My Way picks up the energy level a little and adds a little harmonica flare to the album. This song mixes the style from the previous tracks with a little classic rock influence.

With the song Man, Bernee falls right back into the groove of the earlier tracks on the album which is simultaneously a relief and a surprise. These guys are strongest with what they do well, and Man is a track of which that is surely representative.

Finishing off with Roll On, a melodic folk-style ballad, piano and strings back up Nicole Weeper’s vocals. This song is extremely well written and a great conclusion to a great album.

From start to finish, Bernee has done a wonderful job at defining their own original style and going further to develop it into several sub genres that fit together perfectly to form an extremely entertaining artistic creation that is Late Night Show.

4 out of 5 stars

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