Saturday, December 12, 2009

REVIEW: Paulina Logan - If You Try

Californian singer/songwriter Paulina Logan has one of the most natural-sounding styles in the music industry. Her edgy yet peaceful, melodic and powerful voice captures the emotion of her songs with integrity and style on her latest album If You Try. Paulina’s captivating songwriting talents are entirely evident throughout this album as her songs catch your attention and draw you in.

Shut the Door, the first track on If You Try, demonstrates both Paulina’s completely natural and instinctive vocals and introduces the true variety of the album with this driving rock song. The energy and dynamics in this song are absolutely amazing!

L.A., the second track, starts out with a folky feel and evolves into a pop song and then into full out rock n roll complete with electric guitar solo. This is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head all day.

Write You As Song is much slower than the first two tracks, yet Paulina’s haunting voice in this song is mesmerizing and full of emotion. Both melodic and percussive, Write You As Song is
heartfelt and enchanting.

Forever is a catchy song with an islandy sort of feel. Here, Paulina’s voice takes a turn for the softer side and, once again, shows her true diversity as an artist.

Lovely is a powerfully emotional song that showcases both Paulina’s vocals and her talent as a songwriter. And, of course, no album is complete without a remix. At the end of If You Try, you’ll find Lovely (Omen Room Remix). It’s a little funkier than the original, but executed masterfully.

If You Try is a great album in all aspects. With songs that stick with you and evoke such powerful emotions, Paulina Logan has proven herself to be a wonderfully well-rounded musician.

5 out of 5 stars

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