Tuesday, December 1, 2009

REVIEW: Lloyd MacHardy - 4 Door Hardtop

Canadian singer/songwriter Lloyd MacHardy has been performing his rare variety of humorous and charming folk songs for the past 28 years. Playing a variety of coffee houses, benefits and festivals around Nova Scotia, Lloyd has made a name for himself across Canada, The United States and much of Europe. His album 4 Door Hardtop is an eclectic collection of folk songs from Lloyd’s heart with a little goofy humor scattered in here and there.

The album starts out with And The Children Came, a traditional folk tune with a storyteller vibe. Lloyd’s voice and instrumentation in this songs gives rise to imagery of sitting next to a campfire with eager ears.

MacHardy goes on to detail his love of the sea and denounces the land in the catchy tune That Dirty Old River, a song about a dirty river that runs through town to the sea.

I Guess Nothing Stays the Same is a funny song where Lloyd jokes about nothing staying the same. With a catchy melody, he goes through the changes in life even including a sex change operation.

4 Door Hardtop continues on with more timeless folk tunes including I’m a Busy Beauracrat and Oh Those Union Dues. Lloyd MacHardy has a unique way of taking adjusting traditional folk music to his own perspective and bringing the genre up to date with modern times.

3 out of 5 stars

You can learn more about Lloyd MacHardy at Sonicbids

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