Wednesday, December 9, 2009

REVIEW: Mirek Kwiek - Forever With You

Mirek Kwiek started the band Sekta Fzhut in Tarnow, Poland in the 1970s. Since then, he’s moved to Illinois and has been discovering new sounds in the world of rock and roll. Mirek’s lateset album, Forever with You, is a collection of original classic rock-style songs with the Polish singer’s twist on the legends from whom he is influenced.

The opening track, Rock and Roll Show, is a hard-hitting rock song where Mirek captures all of the emotion of a concert gearing up and the massive party that will ensue. One thing is evident in this track and that’s how well Mirek knows his way around the fret board of an electric guitar.

The next track, Journey of My Life, is rock ballad about passing time and waiting for love. It is touching with energy and, supporting the emotion, a dissonance in the music that will capture your attention. Like most of Mirek’s songs on this album, you’ll find an epic guitar solo about halfway through.

Missing You is an electric guitar-driven instrumental where Mirek is really able to showcase his lead guitar skills.

The title track, Forever With You, has a similar feel to Journey of My Life in that it is another rock ballad about love. Mirek doesn’t try to avoid rock cliches, but that’s ok because he pulls them off with his own original style.

The album finishes off with as much energy as when it began with New Sensation. This track has vibes of 80s metal. Mirek definitely shows his ability once again as a composer and guitar player.

Overall, Forever With You is a pretty entertaining album. One can surely tell by listening that Mirek has been influenced by great groups like Deep Purple, The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin and probably even a little Kansas. While Mirek may not be the next American Idol, he seems to have the attitude and chops to brush it all off and just get down to rock and roll!

3.5 out of 5 stars

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