Sunday, December 20, 2009

REVIEW: Voice of Addiction - Re-evolution

Illinois band Voice of Addiction has encapsulated energy, poeticism and overall their clear and evident message to the masses with their album Re-evolution. This trio is made up of post-90s punk/ska poster children with a lot to say.

Broken Bones and Broken Homes is the opening track on Re-evolution. Its punk rhythms and highly energetic vocals give this song a Clash meets Sublime kind of vibe.

Got Your Number, the second track, is once again jam-packed with energy - this time Voice of Addiction throws in some 80s hair-metal guitar and dissonant harmonies.

The Walls is a highly politically-charged tune detailing corporate greed, taxes and government cover-ups. This song shouts in the face of government and process.

Right Now continues with a message of plastic buildings and the turmoils of living in a society spoon-fed by mass media and controlled by money.

Grease the Wheel is a much more laid back song. Kind of a breath of fresh air after such emotionally abundant tracks that came before. With a reggae back beat, this tune has a “why can’t we all just get along” message.

The final track, Martyr, polishes off this album with another reggae track that evolves into a dark rock tune and then back again.

At first listen, you wouldn’t expect Voice of Addiction to have such a "tree-hugger" message, but they do - and they pull it off great. For all you hippies out there who just can’t stand jam bands, check out Voice of Addiction and their album Re-evolution.

4 out of 5 stars

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