Sunday, December 20, 2009

REVIEW: Flowers for Lily - A Name Will Come

Australian band Flowers for Lily has created a dark, psychedelic melancholy with their album A Name Will Come. With pockets full of emotion, these troubadours of dark rock have brought to life a powerhouse collection of great songs.

Starting off with Cemetery Forest, the listener really gets a taste dynamically for what Flowers for Lily is all about. This track starts of with a great guitar intro and then switches into full gear.

Brand New Blinded has more of the dark sound of A Perfect Circle with epic overtones not unlike The Who - much darker, of course.

The third track, Cupid, is where this album switches gears. With a more mainstream rock feel, this song seems to have a little Weezer influence thrown into the mix.

Hill of Skulls surprisingly, despite its title, takes the ‘dark’ out of dark rock. This track really shows the diversity that Flowers for Lily has in their music.

Breaking Bread is an epic song that will simply take your breath away. The dynamics in this song especially stand out as they play a key role in building up the energy for the awesome guitar solo towards the end.

Awkwardly, Prelude is the last track on A Name Will Come. This song makes an excellent ending track. It is a calm, acoustic style track to bring you back down to earth.

Flowers for Lily has done a wonderful job with A Name Will Come. It is a well rounded album with a lot to offer musically and lyrically.

4 out of 5 stars

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