Sunday, December 6, 2009

REVIEW: Linda Basso - Night Hub

Linda Basso is a bilingual singer/songwriter from Canada. Her wonderful voice and songwriting skills have won her several recognitions including Honorable Mention in the VH-1 Song of the Year Contest. On her CD, Night Hub, Linda’s musical style covers a few niche genres including Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Pop and Blues while her voice has more of a folky attitude.

Night Hub opens up with the Adult Contemporary tune, Another Dragon. With a laid-back beat and a stellar vocal performance, this track is great for sitting back and sipping a glass of wine.
Magical Night is a jazz song that has the ability to take you swimming through the seas of time in this lounge style tune with spectacular horn accompaniment.
No Shame shows Linda’s more mainstream side as classic rock/pop song and solidifying the songwriter’s diverse talents.
Payback Time, co-written by Bob Lewis, is real, crude blues tune executed with all of soul and emotion that you’d expect from the blues.

Night Hub concludes with Follement en Amour, the French version of Magical Night, showcasing Linda’s talent as a bilingual songwriter and appeals to a more a diverse audience.

Overall this album is a delightfully relaxed listen and brings the smooth vibes of a lounge straight to your living room.

4 out of 5 stars

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